Web Site Essentials

March 20, 2010

Your site must consists of pages that would provide needed information’s about your site. Here are some of the site elements that you should include.

  • LOGO – You need your own and a notable business logo. It is a unique mark of your site that would be a memorable piece that surfers would consider as an identity of your site. You must put in mind that a professionally designed graphic logo is a great investment and your edge in the future of your site. There are two sites that are tested in graphic designing are   :
  • http:/gotlogos.com
  • Laughing Bird Software – a do-it-yourself logo creation software.
  • http:/the logocreator.com
  • TAG Line/Slogan – Create a tag line for your site that is usually place beneath your logo or site’s name. It helps in making your site memorable. The tagline  should be short which is not more than four or five words. You must choose the right and catchy words that would describe your site.
  • PRIVACY Statement – It is necessary for every commercial site to have their own privacy or security statement. A privacy statement explains what information that your site is being collected, the process of collecting and safeguarding the information and how these information’s will be utilized. It is a legal, binding document and an explicit statement made on behalf of the site’s owner as will as for the site’s user. This increase the users confidence and trusts, reduce liabilities and increase your site’s conversion rate.
  • Contact Information – As an affiliate webmasters, you must put your contact information’s in your site just in case that the site visitors are interested on your products and want to asked some questions. This serves as a means to communicate the owner in an easier way.

  • About Us page – Most of the sites visitors want to know more about the site so you must create a page about you and your site  including its objectives or mission and also its vision.
  • Ezine Newsletter Sign- up on every page – You must put a newsletter on every page of your site. Offer your site visitor the opportunity to join your newsletter for free site updates.

These are the six basic web site essentials that you must create in the web site you build. You must have them first before you engage into a business.


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