Develop a Site Plan

March 20, 2010

Success can truly be achieved through what we call process, a step by step strategy towards the fulfillment of the established objectives. And the first thing to do is to make a plan.

Have you ever tried to visit sites that offer a homepage that are pleasant to the eyes? An impressive designs and interesting links that you want to click on and explore. But in your dismay, you discover that the site that you love first is under renovation. What a waste of time, right? These sites were built without any plan.

Many new webmasters tend to neglect the planning process in building their sites. They consider it as an unnecessary thing to do and just a waste of their time. Instead, they focus on designing their homepage and their links which they believe that it would attract a lot of surfers. Partly, yes, it has a point but in reality, the main concern of the  surfers are  the content or the information that the site offers that would satisfy their needs.

Planning is evidently an effective way to achieve your goal. Developing a site plan has something to do for the success of your own site. It is time-consuming but is worth enough for it assures you that you are on the right tract in developing your site. A plan or a site outline is your work guide. It helps you to present your ideas in an orderly manner. You should have a site map before you work on your first page.

Here is a guide for you to understand well the planning process.

  • Theme – be very clear and exact of your site’s theme. Your theme must consist of 4 words or less. For instance, “best places to travel”, “training dog”, etc.
  • Brainstorm – simply write all the ideas that you want to cover on your site.
  • Organize – categorized the topics that are related to each other.
  • Order – arrange the materials in a logical order, from general to specific or from abstract to concrete.
  • Label – you must create main headings and sub headings. you can edit it if you want.
  • After each topic is sorted according to category, you can now start creating each page. Link it to the main page if it’s already done.

Planning is a difficult task to do but it’s really important thing to achieve what you aim for.


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