Credibility Pays

March 20, 2010

Selling online is a challenging job for any individual. You have to established first your credibility to the consumers first. Trust is something that you will not get with just a simple snap of the hand or simply by pleasant words. You have to give much effort to build a good reputation for site in order to gain the trust of the customers or site’s  visitor. Merchants credibility is a very important factor to continually exist in this business.

There are ten ways that you can increase your conversion rates.

1.Honesty – you must be truthful and exact about your products that your site offers. Visitors are actually after of what you state and expect that they will find it in your site. Dishonest advertisement would only waste the time of the user and also your money.

2. Superior Knowledge – Having a broad knowledge of what you are engaged with basically lends credibility to their personal reviews and are most valued than others.

3. Invite Feedbacks – Feedback is one way to measure the demand and relevance of your site to the surfers. Positive comments  from your customers are effective way to build trust in your products.

4. promote Only Quality Products – sell only those tested and high-quality products in order for you to be assured that there will be no complains or loses.

5. Keep Design Simple – simplicity is beauty, what really matters most is the content of your site and the quality of your products.

6. Show Respect – try to make your site a comfortable and hassle-free to visit. avoid unnecessary things and annoyances.

7. Be Available – Make sure that every page on your site have a visible contact link to let your visitors know that you are always available and are ready to entertain them.

8. Expose Yourself – Keep in touch with your visitors by sending them some useful information’s about your site.

9. Go Beyond Expectation – Face your responsibility, you should reply to any emails that are sent to you, don’t make limitations for yourself.

10. Give Something away –  samples are like gifts that most of the consumer really appreciate. If they love your samples, then you will gain their trust.

Trust is actually given to someone who are trustworthy. You better show you positive behaviors and you be trusted by a lot  of people. Remember that trust must be keep, it is hard to have it back when you broke it.


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