Is there a Fee to Join the Program?

March 6, 2010

At present, most of merchant don’t charge any amount to individuals who want to join to their affiliate programs. Don’t waste your money in paying the joining fee that a merchant asked for. It is not an affiliate program, its actually called as Multi- Level Marketing scheme or MLM. It is also known as network marketing, direct selling, and pyramid selling.

What is MLM? It is a type of network marketing in which a business is built by creating a tiered network of independent distributors to promote and sell a company’s products or services. The typical Multilevel Marketing program works through recruitment.If you choose to become a distributor with the Multilevel Marketing company, you’ll earn money both through the sales of the MLM’s products and through recruiting other distributors, by receiving a portion of the income these distributors generate. Successful well-known MLM businesses include Mary Kay Cosmetics, Avon, and Tupperware.

Almost all MLM programs are perceived to have a bad reputation. As a matter of fact,  there are successful MLM that are continuouly existing nowadays. It’sjust a choice. One of the example of an MLM network marketing affiliate program is “Six Figure Income” which is a help and inspirational materials for home based entrepreneurs which still exist today. It is located on Canada. To earn from SFI, you must first purchase some of the company’s product each and every month to qualify for sales earnings that you’ve make within a month.

Not all MLM companies operate the same way, and MLM groups have persistently denied that their techniques are anything but legitimate business practices.


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