Is the Program 2-Tier?

March 5, 2010

There are many ways to earn more income even if you are just in your home. One way is to take advantage of a “2-tier” affiliate programs that truly exist in an online business.

In a two-tier program, youwill be rewarded rewarded for introducing new sellers to the program, usually by receiving a small percent of their commissions. Like an affiliate program, your profit is based on the sales you and your referrals generate as opposed to membership fees or referral bonuses. As with an affiliate program, participation in a 2-tier program is also completely free.

Many are confuse if a two-tier programs are also an MLM (multi-level marketing) program. Well, an MLM is essentially any businesswhere payouts occur at two or more levels. For instance, any company will pay you for the sales you make, give you a percentage of the sales by the paople you’ve recruited as sellers the company. Well, basically, a two-tier affiliate programs are also MLM programs.

Most of the MLM programs are well known for its bad reputation. But not all MLM programs are scams, these are the programs that the main goal is to recruit a large number of members and focus on downline of the members. choose a company that the main concern is sales not the number of its members.

If you’re looking for good two-tier affiliate programs to join, the three most important factors are:

  • An excellent product or service.
  • A generous commission.
  • A site with a high conversion rate

Your main target is to find a company that  prioritize the sales of their products before the recruitment of affiliates. That’s the essence of a  two-tier affiliate programs.


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