Free Domains-Worth about that Much

March 5, 2010

We always grab every single opportunity that we can pay less for something or much better if we have it for free. As what many says, why spend a lot of money when you can enjoy something without any charge. There are actually sites that offer free domains. Practically people take the chance to make a site as well as to earn money through engaging to any online business.

We were blinded with the benefits that these free domains offer. In reality, there are drawbacks in hosting your site on free servers. And you must look after these.

  • Lose Credibility– “I won’t buy to a site who can’t afford to buy his own site”. This implies that even the one who affiliates maybe does not even bought his product. Most probably no one would buy on your products.
  • Banner Advertising on your pages – Since everything is free, you can’t even complain for those who can afford to buy websites to post the banner on the products on your page. and that is definitely not on your control, you don’t the right for your site.
  • Funky long addresses– with long addresses, barely some people would only remember it. It is easier to familiarize a domain name that is short and exact.

  • Lack of Features– Free hosts generally restrict the amount of space you can take up on their servers. The sites offer few, if any, of the most basic features necessary to run ane commerce site.
  • Slow loading pages– this is what I’m talkin’ about.  This is the primary reason why most of the people visiting your site would not choose to complete their transaction because of slow loading of pages. They rather choose the site that would not waste their precious time.and lasly,
  • Customer service – Definitely, no customer service on free domains. If visitors have complains, they cannot raise it, nor voice it out.

If you can afford to buy a domain, then go for it. Don’t just settle with the free domains available on the internet. Its better to pay for a better services than have a site that cause you stress.  Besides, earn  with the amount you pay on your domain with the products you sell online and even more. You just need to be creative and wise in choosing your affiliate program.


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