How Much does it Cost to Advertise?

February 20, 2010

Advertising is a key component of promotion. It is basically used on the grounds that messages can reach large number of people and make them aware, persuade and remind them about the firm’s offering such as it’s product or services. It is proven as an effective tool in introducing and promoting a certain products and of course in increasing it’s sales. As a matter of fact, almost all businessmen take the risk of engaging in advertisement. It absolutely cost a large amount of money.

By determining the expenditure of the other sites in their advertisement, you can gain necessary informations about the present competition and the market for your product. These informations include demand and its cost (PPC).

There are pay per click search engines that are utilized to gather some relative informations. These are the,,, and But the most accurate and recommended sites are the overture and the

Who is your competition?

Know your enemy first before you start playing the game. Investigate about the top sites that you consider as your future competitor. By doing so, you will discover that there are two different types of sites that usually pay for keyword advertising in your category. And these are:

irrelevant sites – these are the incompetent sites, not active and considerably not a    threat

competing affiliate and merchant sites – these are the  competitive sites that  exists.

To compete with these well-built sites, you first evaluate the reasons for its existence and some valuable informations that you can apply in your own sites. These includes the name of the sites, it’s products, its strength and weaknesses, its audience and its uniqueness or appeal to consumers.

We cannot avoid any leakage in a business transactions or say hackers so many affiliates now used affiliate-cloaking software or ‘mouseover’ to protect any commission theft.


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