Search Toolbar

February 13, 2010

There are two tool bars that commonly used by the searchers ; the google toolbar and the alexa toolbar. Google Toolbar gives you access to any website location without returning to the home page to start searching again. It is hassle free and less time consumption. This toolbar is free of charge, you can actually download it in few seconds.

It is also available in different languages. Some features of google toolbar are

  • google search – search google from any web page;
  • the search site – search only the site that you are visiting;
  • page rank– rank the current page;
  • page info– helps you to access from similar pages or linking pages about your topic;
  • the highlight– gives color to your search terms on a page for emphasis; and
  • word find– helps you find your search terms.

The second toolbar that I will introduce is the alexa toolbar. It provides access to different site owners, it’s contact information, site stats , and searchers review or comments regarding their web sites. It actually rank the websites that are mostly visited by surfers, from top to bottom.

For instance, if we search in alexa toolbar some infrmations are given such as:contact information

Larry Page 2400

E. Bayshore Parkway

Mountain View, CA 94043

US dns-admin [at]

It is also link to

  • wikipedia

There are also 94 reviews, you can actually add if you really want. You can also find some informations such as traffic stat, search analytics, audience, clickstream. You can explore by yourself by uploading this toolbar or you can actually visit it’s sit


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