Martket Research Tool

February 13, 2010

Market Research Tool

Not all topics are interesting and important , so you have to find out if your chosen topic is highly-demanded. We will look at tools and techniques that would provide us some informations regarding your topic, it could be the demand and supply of the subject and of course the possible profitability of your site. Profit must be emphasized since it is our main objective.

Before doing a research about the potential and market of the topic, we should know first some of the tools needed to make the research easier. The common sites and tools are: spreadsheet, wordtracker, google toolbar, alexa toolbar, and pay per click search engine. You will have a well organized research if you are going to used the spreadsheet where the informations needed are tabulated in designated columns.

Keyword research tools plays an important part in f inding as many keywords as possible relating to your Web site. The keywords are use to compose meta tags and text within your pages and act as the ‘magnet’ to attract other search engine. Online tools exist to speed up the discovery process by allowing marketers to search for related keywords and their relative search popularity. This enable us to see the number of times surfer search for a particular topic.

Two of the widely used tool in searching for keywords and phrases relative to your topic are and

It list and rank words relative to the keyword which are mostly search by the surfers. This is a better way to constantly check the top words or topics that people are really interested.


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